Democratic Senator Bob Casey Reveals Prostate Cancer Diagnosis


WASHINGTON — Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., announced Thursday that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will undergo treatment.

«While the news came as a shock, I can report that I have an excellent prognosis, as well as the benefit of exceptional medical care and the unwavering support of my family,» Casey, 62, said in a statement. «In the next few months I will undergo surgery, after which I am expected to make a full recovery.»

Casey was first elected to the Senate in 2006. He was reelected in 2012 and 2018, even as the state swung between Republicans and Democrats in the presidential race. Casey is running for re-election in 2024.

«I am confident that my recommended course of treatment will allow me to continue my service in Congress 118h with minimal interruption, and I look forward to the work ahead,» Casey concluded in his statement.

Casey has proven to be a moderate in the Senate, largely staying out of the limelight but joining Republicans and other Democrats to negotiate bipartisan legislation. He entered Congress with a pro-gun rights position that set him apart from other Democrats, but has since helped negotiate legislation such as background checks for gun purchases.

Casey also took an anti-abortion position when she entered Congress, but joined Democrats last year in efforts to enact some protections for access to procedures after Roe v. Wade.

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