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An incredible and terrifying tragedy Two families and the community of a school live in Ireland. Two teenagers who were inseparable emerged within hours of each other and under sad circumstances. One of them disappeared during an excursion and was later found dead. The other died after hearing the news.

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The case arose earlier this month, when Andrew O’Donnell and Max Wall were celebrating their high school graduation, both were 18 years old, studying at St Michael’s College and had a great friendship.

The two friends decided to go on a night walk in which Andrew disappeared and then they learned the unfortunate outcome. Apparently, the young man slipped down a ravine and hit his head.

The same night that the young man disappeared, the authorities began their search, but after several hours and due to the difficulties of the terrain, they had to suspend it. The next day, from the early hours of the morning, the operation was restarted and the young man’s lifeless body was found.

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The authorities reported the situation to his relatives and relatives, but they did not expect the reaction that his best friend had. Max immediately collapsed and was taken to a medical facility where unfortunately we cannot save his life. Apparently, the young man suffered a heart attack, since he had had heart problems.

«Our deepest condolences and condolences to the bereaved families, some of the representatives of the parents’ association have traveled to the island to provide them with support in their time of need,» the educational institution stated in a note of condolences for the terrible tragedy.

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