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until the June 20, 2023 there is a term to renew all the licenses that they present expiration date between January 1 and 31, 2022according to the Law 2161 of 2021which established the renewal term for one more year.

To identify if the license is within this range, you just have to look at the back of the document or go to the page of the Single National Traffic Registry (Runt).

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To renew the driver’s license it is necessary to be registered in the Runt. is Bogota renewals and other procedures related to transit and transport are carried out through the platform of the Single Service Window (Click here).

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The necessary requirements to carry out the renewal consist of presenting the original document, being in good standing and not having outstanding fines, having a certificate of payment of the request for the procedure and a certificate of medical examinations issued by the Driver Recognition Center (CRC).

If all the requirements are met, the next thing to do is request an appointment on the Single Window of Services portal. You can do this like this: by entering the option ‘Carry out virtual procedure’ and the requested documents must be uploaded right there.

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Once the process is completed on the platform, citizens will only have to wait for a notification to arrive in their mail to be able to approach a point enabled to claim the new license.

More than 4 million driving licenses have not been renewed

From June 21 2023people who have not renewed their driver’s license and are driving through the streets will be exposed to a fine of $309,336 and the immobilization of the vehicle.

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According to Runt figures, 4,074,194 driving licenses have not been renewed and 554,415 have, within the framework of Law 2161 of 2021.

It should be noted that about 76% of the missing licenses for renewal belong to motorcyclists, 24% to vehicles for private use and about 1% to public service.

On the other hand, the operations manager of the Runt, Álvaro Quiroga, indicates that “In order for citizens to renew their driving licenses more easily, the coverage of certificates of physical, mental and motor coordination fitness to the departmental spectrum was extended until June 20, 2023”, the above means that drivers may issue the medical certificate at the points authorized by the CRC within the department to which they belong.


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