END OF THE WORLD | This will be the end of the world, according to Stephen Hawking: fireballs and annihilation on this date


Stephen Hawking’s legacy goes beyond the fundamental theorem What did they think in 1971 about the mechanics of black holes, a phenomenon that could not be verified visually until 50 years later. In addition to confirming that there was a big bang At the beginning of it all, the British theoretical physicist is the author of the new spacetime theory and much of the discoveries of modern astrophysics. He also uncovered unresolved paradoxes and I raise Short answers Poor me big questions of the humanity: predicted the possible and dramatic effects that artificial intelligence could have on everyday life and, among other things, how and when the end of the world.

Hawking appeared that the Land could become a ball of fire approximately in 2600. That would mean the extinction of the human species In its whole. alerted of the annihilation five before he died, at the WE Summit in Beijing in November 2017.

The main reason to support such a theory lies in the population growth and the planet’s inability to cope with a energy consumption so high, explained the astrophysicist. «That will cause the Earth to become a crackling fireball in the next 600 years,» he said.

«Humans must leave Earth»

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The popularizer of science requires that in order to prolong humanity’s existence, it should «boldly seek refuge where no one has gone before.» For this reason, he encouraged to continue investigating ways of explore habitable planets outside the solar system. In this sense, he said that they could be reached in just 20 years, something that at the moment seems more than unlikely.

In particular, he delved into the ‘Breakthrough Starshot’ project, which aims to develop a fleet of micro spaceships capable of traveling to Alpha Centauri at 15 or 20% of the speed of light. «We are running out of space. Diversifying may be the only thing that saves us from ourselves. I am convinced that lhumans need to leave the earth«, sure.

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