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Last Tuesday, July 4, the payment of the fifth cycle of Colombia Mayor was inaugurated, a program attached to the Administrative Department for Social Prosperity (DPS).

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The beneficiaries of the subsidy will be able to claim the money from next July 17 both at superGIROS points or in their allied network. The list of places in each municipality is available on the website of the government entity.

According to the DPS, more than 139.750 million pesos were allocated to make monetary transfers to around 1.6 million older adults throughout the national territory. This figure will end with respect to the previous cycle, in which more than 141,000 million pesos were delivered.

The amount of the subsidy is $80,000 for all beneficiaries, with the exception of those who live in Bogotá, because the District Mayor’s Office provides them, additionally, $50,000. Which means that in total they will receive $130,000.

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Colombia Increased delivery of subsidies on a monthly basis.


Department for Social Prosperity

Remember that the DPS announces to the elderly the beginning of the payment cycle through a text message and that to claim the transfer it is not necessary to buy any product in the place.

The public agency calls on the population to go to the payment points, express their intention to collect the subsidy and receive the money. Once you do, you will have to count the cash in front of the cashier and request the payment slip.

Adults over 90 years of age and with reduced mobility have the possibility of receiving cash without the need to use any physical point. According to the DPS, the payment operator is contacted directly, without additional formalities.

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If the beneficiary is under 90 years of age and, in addition to the above, has a medical condition that does not allow him to access the stipulated payment method, he must make the request monthly to the municipal liaison. To do this, you must attach the medical history.

What you should know about Colombia Mayor

Colombia Mayor is a program of the Department for Social Prosperity that provides economic subsidies to those older adults who are homeless, do not have a pension or live in extreme poverty.

To register for the assistance initiative, applicants must be Colombian and have resided in the country for the last ten years. Added to the list of requirements is not having income to survive and being three years younger than the age required to retire for old age. In the case of women, 54 years, and in the case of men, 59.

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People who meet the aforementioned requirements may register at the Mayor’s Office of their place of residence. The only thing that you must carry out is your physical citizenship card and fill out the registration in the Information System of Colombia Mayor.

Colombia Mayor is a program that provides economic assistance to the elderly.


Department for Social Prosperity

Once the information provided is verified, the prioritization criteria are applied, which determine the order to assign quotas. These criteria include the age of the applicant, the Sisbén score, the state of vulnerability, the loss of subsidy due to transfer to another municipality or the date of application for enrollment in the program in the municipality.

If you have been granted a quota to be a beneficiary of the subsidy, the territorial entity will inform you through the registered means. If this is not the case, you can go directly to the Mayor’s Office of your municipality and look for the Office for the Elderly or, in other cases, it will be necessary to make use of the DPS citizen participation channels.

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