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On February 3rd it became known that Flor Esther Salazar, who held the Vice Ministry of Labor and Pensions, presented her letter to the Minister of Labor, Gloria Inés Ramírez.

Initially, he spoke through his account Twitterin which he wrote: «I am waiting to be able to speak with the president who I have had and I appreciate all the trust», because the information was leaked in the media.

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After this, it was learned that the vice minister handed over to Ramírez a letter stating that his resignation was irrevocable and it would be effective as of Friday, February 3.

He also thanked the President and the head of the labor portfolio for the opportunity to hold the position.

Days later, through his Twitter account, Salazar published a much longer statement to the public opinion detailing the real reasons for his resignation.

Minister Ramírez had commented in the middle of an interview with Yamid Amat for the newspaper EL TIEMPO that Salazar’s departure from the Vice Ministry corresponded to personal projects.

In the document published on Twitter, former Vice Minister Salazar said that resigning from her position was a difficult decision, especially taking into account that «this unit of the Ministry of Labor has a position on issues that have been of special academic and professional interest, such as are labor issues and social protection in old age”, he wrote.

On the other hand, he talks about the pension reform and shows his concern about the way in which he considers that this initiative is being carried out: «I consider that the elaboration of the reform project has been taking place in an unresponsible way.»

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«I let the Minister at different times the urgency and importance of having technical support; however, I did not have such support, I did not have the necessary team to work on the design, structuring, definition and preparation of the bill»featured.

In addition, he added that it was difficult for him to be in a place where he felt that in various circumstances his opinion was not taken into account in decision-making on matters that pertain to the Vice Ministry.

On the other hand, regarding Colpensiones, he said that he hopes that the critical issues facing the entity, and that he sent to President Gustavo Petro, received special attention.

«Colpensiones must be an entity with high levels of efficiency, transparency and solidity in all its processes.»

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