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recently, A Florida state jury found in favor of an eight-year-old girl. who suffered a second degree burn when a McDonald’s chicken nugget fell on one of his legs.

The mother of the minor sued the restaurant franchise, after the incident that occurred in 2019 and after her daughter, Olivia CaraballoYou will be left with a big scar.

Philina Holmes testified that she had bought a ‘Happy Meal’, the box of breaded pieces of chicken, for his two children who were sitting in the back of the car, since the entire order was requested by a self-service.

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The American realized that the girl had been burned when she began to scream insistently, which made her park in a parking lot for the. There she noticed that the nugget was lodged between her leg and her seat belt.

He argued that the restaurant never warned him that the food could be so hot. Therefore, he believed that it would be harmless.

Response that McDonald’s defenders justified by saying that the ‘McNuggets’ must be hot enough to avoid salmonella poisoning by food safety rules, according to the newspaper ‘WCVB’.

The restaurant never advised the mother that the food might be so hot.

The family’s lawyers initially claimed 15 million dollars, to try to compensate the damage to the minor’s skin, which He suffered the accident when he was only four years old.

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This week the jurors confirmed his verdict where they demanded that the franchise give him $800,000 in compensation. A little more than three billion Colombian pesos.

It is understood that the first $400,000 would be for damages caused during these four years and the remaining balance would go towards future expenses.

Given the jury’s resolution, Caraballo’s mother was satisfied with the decision and thanked the parties for the ruling in her favor.

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“I’m really happy that I heard Olivia’s voice and the jury was able to decide a fair trial. I’m happy with that. Honestly, I had no expectations, so this is more than fair for me,» said Philina Holmes in an interview with ‘NBC’ news.

@bestofnae A second jury will determine how much McDonald’s USA and its franchise, Upchurch Foods, will pay the girl and her mother. Philana Holmes testified that she bought Happy Meals for her son and her daughter at a drive-thru at a McDonald’s in Tamarac, near Fort Lauderdale, the South Florida SunSentinel reported. She said that she delivered the food to her children, who were in the back seat. After she left, her daughter started screaming. The mother testified that she did not know what was wrong until she stopped to help the girl, identified in court as Olivia, the newspaper reported. She saw the burn on the girl’s leg and took photos of it with her iPhone, which included audio clips of the girl’s screams. The sound of the girl’s screams played in the court. The boy, who is autistic, did not testify, the newspaper reported. McDonald’s lawyers noted that the food had to be hot to avoid salmonella poisoning and that the nuggets should not be pressed between the seatbelt and human flesh for more than two minutes. #mcdonalds #lawsuit #law #lawyer #lawyer #legal #personal injuries #Law firm #justice #lawyers #litigation #car crash #attorney at law #accident #personalinjurylawyer #injured #lawyer #lawyers #installlawyer #personalinjurylaw #slip and fall #legal services #personalinjurylawyer #lawyersofinstagram #injury #case #Legal advice #court #Supreme Court #criminal defense #family law ♬ original sound – CrimeWatchWithNae

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