Google employees criticize the company’s Artificial Intelligence: «It can cause deaths»


Some workers take issue with Google’s SEO statements, saying the company wasn’t ready to launch the program so soon.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence It poses a new dimension for many companies, for the immediate present and also for the future due to the alternatives it offers, and the speed with which it solves problems.

But it also has some dangers that some Google workers have already been alerted to. The company had been around for a long time preparing the launch of its Artificial Intelligence, but it was not in his plans to launch it so soon. However, after the boom of the last few months, they were ‘forced’ to publish their program ahead of time, without being able to carry out the exhaustive review they wanted, which could have caused unforeseen errors.

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Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, denied in an interview for The New York Times that they were not ready to launch their Artificial Intelligence program, alleging that important improvements had been included in the last update, something that Some of the workers have already denied of the company

«Poor quality», «Shameful», «Would likely result in serious injury or death». These are statements from some of the brand’s workers, who argue that they should not only be among the first to launch it, but also publish it with the guarantee that everything works correctly.

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