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The program change my house seeks beneficiary to 400 thousand homes in inadequate living conditionswell be in areas rural either urban. The program runs until 2026.

«This is a powerful tool for overcoming poverty and consolidating a country with equity, social justice and ‘total peace’.«, ensures the Ministry of Housing.

(The slump in housing deepened after 10 months of falling sales).

To determine who can access the subsidy, the Identification System for Potential Beneficiaries of Social Programs (Sisbén IV)that allows to identify if the houses have all the vulnerability conditions required.

The money that will be delivered to each beneficiary will be up to 22 current legal monthly minimum wages (SMMLV).

(Cambia Mi Casa Program: find out if you are a beneficiary of the subsidy).

Conditions to access the benefit

The Government has established the following parameters for applicants:

– Have a Sisben ig scoreual or less than C18.

– Have a house with dirt, sand or mud floors.

– Reside in a dwelling with walls made of rough wood, board or plank, cane, mat, vegetables, or not having walls.

(My House Now: requirements and step by step to apply for the subsidy).

– Living in a home without a space used exclusively for the kitchen

– That none of the members of your family have received any family allowance during the last 10 years.

– Inhabit the house that is going to be intervened.

– Be owners of the home with a minimum of 5 years old before the application.

(This is the formula you should consider when buying a home.)

– Having more than 2 or 4 people in the same bedroom

– Lack of sewerage connection

– It does not have a toilet with direct discharge to water sources.

Procedure to access the program

The application of the interested parties is in charge of territorial entities, popular associations, community action boards, family compensation funds and small builders and community organizations.

Thus, families will approach these entities and carry out the process with them. It is important to clarify that they should not present documentation to the Ministry of Housing.

(Ten facts about the supply of new, used and rental properties).

What the entities in charge of the processes should do is:

– Know the different schemes of the program and identify which is the most appropriate according to its characteristics. The schemes of the program are community management, associative for non-profit entities and territorial and public entities.

– Download the call to know the information and requirements in www.minvivienda.gov.co

– Send an email expressing your interest to cambiamicasa@minvivienda.gov.co

-Finally, fonvivienda will issue the administrative acts related to the quota reservations, depending on the budget availability and the order of arrival of the mails.

The program is open from this May 16.


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