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According to economic experts, the fall of the dollar translates into more options for consumers who wish to purchase goods abroad, as well as buy air tickets.

The dollar, which had not had prices below the $4,000 pesos from a year ago, before the presidential elections in Colombia, now it has fallen $800 pesos with respect to its price in January 2023.

In the seventh month of the year, the Colombian peso, It has had a considerable revaluation and is emerging as one of the best currencies that has managed to recover in Latin America.

In relation to products of the family basket, according to Dane, 38% of the products of this are imported, so things, with the fall of the currency, Colombians will be able to more easily acquire these goods.

Likewise, those who will normally acquire memberships on streaming platforms will also see benefits in it.

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On the other hand, the moment, according to analysts, It is conducive to the purchase of tickets for trips abroad, as well as the payment of debts that are taken into account. dollars, however, professionals warn that this may be a temporary situation, so if you plan to take trips after October or on vacation in December, You must anticipate the purchase of these tickets.

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However, on the other hand, there are those who are concerned about the drop in the dollar, such as Javier Díaz Molina, president of the National Association of Foreign Trade (Analdex), who indicates to Portafolio that «there had been an excessive devaluation of the peso compared to the rest of the region» and mentions that Anif, In addition to an exercise that Corficolombiana did, he says that if the government’s reforms are not passed in Congress, the dollar would drop to $3,400.

Likewise, it affirms that some of the victims are the families that receive remittances abroad that constitute less income in local currency.

The dollar in Colombia: falls, rises and what is coming for the currency


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