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In recent days, the unusual story of an airline that managed to lose the wheelchair of one of its passengersIt is about a 17-year-old boy who suffers from a heart condition and saw his vacation in France cut short.

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A teenager and his family got a tremendous surprise at an airport in France, after they easyJet airline lost the wheelchair it was transporting in one of the plane’s holds.

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The family trip started on the wrong foot to Michael Clokeafter the workers of this airline in Paris informed him that they did not find his wheelchair, which you need to walk for heart condition which caused him intense fatigue.

The young man’s family could not understand what happened at the airport in the city of light, but to make matters worse, the wheelchair never turned up after four long days of searching by easyJet employees.

After losing a crucial piece of equipment, our planes completely derailed.

gillian clarkmother of the young man, they selected for local media in France that when they left Edinburgh (United Kingdom) there was a wheelchair in the hold of the plane, but when landing in Paris this never appeared, so it was a «major impact» on the your child’s vacation trip.

«It takes a lot of planning to go on vacation with someone who is disabled… So we made our planes and then losing a crucial piece of equipment completely derailed our planes,» said the teen’s mother.

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The most incredible thing about this story is that Cloke’s family he had to look for a borrowed wheelchair so that his son could visit some iconic places in France without having any health complications. In addition, they affirmed that the airline did not solve the problem for them.

We are walking not to be ungrateful considering all the others are going through here

However, the trip did not turn out as they expected due to this mishap, the loss of the wheelchair used that They failed to visit the Palace of Versailles and their visit to the Louvre art gallery became «a nightmare» because the taxi left the family very far, this caused the young man to be forced to walk a considerable distance.

“We’ve done everything we can, which involves sitting down, the river tour, the buses. It’s beautiful and sunny, it’s Paris and we’re trying not to be ungrateful considering everything else that’s going on here,» he explained.

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The mother, who found no help from easyJet, posted his story via social media, where several comments of support rained down on him for the situation that the company put him through.

On the other hand, the airline broke the silence after the complaint that took hold on social networks and explained that they are doing everything possible to find Michael’s wheelchair.

“We are very sorry that Michael was left without his wheelchair after his recent flight from Edinburgh to Paris. We know how important it is that customers feel confident that items like this will be well looked after when they travel with us, so we are investigating with our ground handling partners in Edinburgh and Paris and the special assistance provider at the airport.» the company explained.


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