Investigate reports of an unknown disease epidemic in Venezuela



Luisa Ortega Díaz announced the investigation a day after Maduro asked her for «all severity.»

The Venezuelan Attorney General, Luisa Ortega Díaz, announced the opening of an investigation into the reports of an alleged outbreak of an unknown disease in the city of Maracay (Aragua, center) that the government denies.

Ortega said that he appointed two prosecutors to investigate the «false information» while detecting that creating anxiety through the media is a crime. «Later, do not say that you are politically persecuted,» he added.

On September 11, the president of the Aragua State College of Physicians, Ángel Sarmiento, declared the existence of an unknown disease in a hospital in the region where eight people allegedly appeared.

«It is a virus that we do not know and presents similar symptoms in all cases: fever, joint pain, skin spots and bleeding,» he told BBC Mundo that day.

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