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Finance Minister Ricardo Bonilla announced that the next five months They will require a large budget and cash investment by the Government. This seeks to respond to the criticisms that have arisen due to the delay in the execution of the new resources generated by the recent tax reform.

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In an exclusive interview with EL TIEMPO, Minister Bonilla also revealed that Colombia intends to lead an initiative at the Latin American level. This proposal seeks to address the problem of the «tax evasion» related to imports of goods through popular digital platforms such as Amazon and Netflix, at the next meeting of finance ministers to be held in Cartagena.

«In order to seek to homogenize a position vis-à-vis the UN, the World Bank, the OECD and other countries, to tell them that we want fair, equitable international taxation that not only reviews the tax status of each country, but also How do we look at the tax position of multinational firms that have effective participation in the countries, but do not contribute to the finances of the countries where they intervene, they only pay taxes in the countries of origin«, said the minister to this medium.

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Some of the most used streaming platforms.


Taken from Twitter: Netflix/HBOMax

Likewise, the minister added that the objective with this proposal «is to seek a fair and equitable taxation against the countries of origin.»

Similarly, he hopes that a joint agreement with Latin America will be reached at the summit so that adjustments can be made in each country with respect to these platforms.

«I am going to propose that the platforms be effectively taxed, that everything that has a representative presence in the countries, even if it does not have offices, has some degree of return to the countries where this type of activity is carried out and that we reach an agreement on international stages so that this is fulfilledBonilla asserted in the interview.

Read the complete interview with the Minister of Finance, Ricardo Bonilla, in which he also referred to the price of the dollar, the tax reform and interest rates on credits.

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