Mother helping daughter get ready for prom dies in crossfire, police and family say


A Dallas mother helping her daughter get ready for prom was killed Saturday when she was caught in the crossfire of a two-vehicle shootout, police and her family said.

The shooting on Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day, took place around 4 pm in the 2100 block of North Masters Drive. dallas police saying.

Ana Moreno.via KXAS

Two vehicles were shooting at each other as they drove east on Bruton Road and four people were shot: Ana Moreno, 39, was killed and three male victims were hospitalized in critical condition, authorities said.

Police described Moreno as a bystander and said that «a bullet entered Moreno’s vehicle and struck her, killing her.»

Moreno was driving with her daughter, Amy, a high school senior, to get her hair done and pick up her prom dress when the shooting occurred, Moreno’s family said.

The family learned the grim news when Amy sent a text message to the family group chat, said Michelle Rodriguez, the youngest of Moreno’s three children. nbc dallasStrong to worth.

«All she heard was gunshots and she said my mom waved like she couldn’t breathe, and then she leaned on Amy’s shoulder and that’s when they collided, and that’s when Amy said she called the ambulance,» she said. Michelle Rodriguez to the station. .

She said her mother was looking forward to celebrating the milestone with her daughter. “She was like, ‘Oh, we finally get to see her get ready,’ and she couldn’t even see it happen,” said Michelle Rodriguez.

Family members who were at the Moreno house waiting to celebrate Amy’s prom rushed to the scene of the shooting.

“It hurts, it really hurts, because we all had a great bond with my mom, and it hurts to have lost her so soon,” Rodriguez said of losing her mother the day before Mother’s Day.

«They took her from us, it’s not fair, she had so much potential, she was so outgoing, hardworking, she had it all,» she added.

A fundraiser to help with the family’s funeral expenses has raised more than $5,000 as of Monday.

There are no suspects in custody and the shooting is under investigation.

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