Number of immigrant border crossings falls to lowest level in two years, DHS says


The number of encounters U.S. Border Patrol agents had with undocumented immigrants crossing the southern border between legal ports of entry fell below 130,000 in January, its lowest monthly number in two years, according to a spokesperson. of the Department of Homeland Security.

Overall border crossings, which include undocumented immigrants presenting at legal ports of entry, also fell from December’s monthly record of more than 250,000 to 156,000.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told reporters last week that he credits new Biden administration policies that opened up legal avenues for some immigrants to apply from their home countries while blocking entry. of more immigrants at the border under Covid Title 42 restrictions.

A senior Homeland Security official told NBC News that while daily numbers at the border are down to 2021 levels at just over 4,000 a day, the issues driving migration have not been resolved. Migrants fleeing desperate situations in failed states across the Western Hemisphere will continue to congregate in Colombia, northern Mexico and elsewhere on their journey north, the official said.

As NBC News previously reported, Title 42, which has blocked more than 2 million border crossings, is likely to end in May, unless a successful court challenge is filed.

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