Parts of California are drying up from massive storms as more rain arrives soon


Northern California prepared for more downpours Wednesday, as the southern and central regions of the state rested from torrential rains and braced for another strong system just days away.

Flood watches still affected about 5 million Golden State residents on Wednesday, though that’s down from 30 million on Tuesday.

The heaviest rains on Wednesday were expected to fall in the northern and coastal regions of the state. More than 2 inches are expected to fall over the Santa Rosa wine country and the Mendoza community of Ukiah.

Up to an inch could fall in San Francisco on Wednesday, but the biggest threat to the Bay Area will come from strong winds between 15 and 30 mph, with some gusting to 55 mph.

Heavy rain and strong winds contributed to a large tree crashing into a city bus in Sutter Street in downtown San Francisco on Monday.

Several key roads in Santa Cruz County remained closed on Wednesday.

and rescuers in San Luis Obispo County resumed his search Wednesday by 5-year-old Kyle Doan, who was swept away by fast-moving water Monday.

Lindsy, the boy’s mother. Doan was driving it to kindergarten Monday when his car hit a flooded pothole in the road.

“Then when I got into the trough, I realized I had made a mistake because it was full at the bottom and my car started skidding and it slid and hit two trees,” he said. Doan told NBC Los Angeles.

After her car came to a stop, the mother wanted her son to get out of the driver’s side door and that’s when the waters took him away.

“He came towards me and the currents were so strong that when I tried to hold his hand (with) my hand got wrapped around the tree and then the current carried him away from me,” the mother said.

«Kyle was drifting down the river and I could see his head bobbing on top of the river.»

On Wednesday, the luckiest Californians were able to venture outside for the first time in days to survey the damage and clean up downed trees.

A large system is forecast to affect nearly the entire California coast, from the Oregon border to Los Angeles, on Friday afternoon or evening.

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