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One of the points of the presentation on the pension reform that has generated the most controversy has to do with the age required for women who have not contributed every week to achieve their pension.

This adjustment would be included in the point of the basic income, one that grants a sum of money to all citizens who have reached the age to retire, but who did not manage to reach the weeks worked to retire.

(Pension reform: key points that remain in the paper).

This change is explained in the case of women, that they could aspire to have this income at 60 years of age. Men would also see an increase in this requirement, as they would have to wait until age 65.

Likewise, as explained in the original articles, a minimum of 150 weeks of contribution was required to receive this income; nevertheless, this would increase up to 300 working weeks.

(Colombia Mayor: steps to receive payment for the fourth cycle).

This means that, in the case of women, Ito The age required to receive this subsidy would decrease, despite the fact that the reform would require more weeks of contributions, while for men the age would remain the same.

It is also worth clarifying that this basic income will be managed by the labor ministry and not for him Department of Social Prosperityas stipulated in the original project.


Faced with this, he Minister of Finance and Public Credit, Ricardo BonillaI assure you that this could increase the cost of the reform, in case the paper is approved.

«This generates an increase in the cost of the reform, because it was expected that the subsidy for the elderly would begin to be received from the age of 65. Now we have to do the calculations to find out what those new costs will be.«.

In the case of people who manage to contribute all the work weeks required to obtain the pension, the president of the Colombian Association of Pension and Severance Fund Administrators, (Asofondos), Santiago MontenegroHe assured that, for him, Colombians will have to work more weeks before being able to retire.

«Today, a 62-year-old man, in the pension funds, can retire with 1,150 weeks of contributions. With the proposed scheme, he must contribute 1,300 weeks, another three years to meet the retirement conditions«, Montenegro said.

In the case of women, this age would remain at 57 years.


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