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The conversion of non-productive m2 revolutionizes the world and in Colombia it has become a successful way of making profitable the areas that are not used and that constitute a dead weight for the owners.

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From offices to unused spaces in common areas or parking lots in well-located areas in cities, they are becoming warehouses for storage and last-mile processes, being a sustainable option with the environment and the pocket of investors.

This is one of the conclusions reached by M3storage Colombia, which is following this global trend in Colombia. In the eyes of its CEO, Juan José Cabal, having an asset and wasted m2 within, is wasting money, therefore, the solution to reinvent and occupy each square meter with a defined purpose that drives the business forward. It has become a winning option globally and well established in Colombian cities such as Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla.

“Many property owners have warehouses, offices, parking basements, dead spaces in common areas, commercial premises, building warehouses, and even entire towers that are on good occasions, but are unused. All of them are evaluated and made viable to convert them to the world of corporate storage and for individuals, taking advantage of the life of the spaces, and an interesting profitability for the owners who can use 100% of their m2 with long-term contracts, which ensures a constant cash flow”Cabal assures.

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Owners can easily access the solution by leaving the details of the property and its location. A visit is made and the possibilities are evaluated. The property contributes the area and the transformation CapEx. «We carry out the adaptation project and generate all the integral management of the rentals and we assume the expenses of an operation and guarantee the security for the owner of the area and the tenant of the winery»reiterates.

For the owner of the property, profits are being generated that compete with those of the market. In the case of offices, for example, with prices between $40,000 and $50,000 per m2, depending on the space.

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Other advantages of this trend

It is a very sustainable process where the impact of new constructions is not taking place, but instead taking advantage of what has already been built in the vicinity of the operations of the companies and the housing and/or work of the natural persons who rent the warehouses.

Today this multinational company is present in Spain, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and Colombia.


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