RFK Jr. Rejects Report That Said Covid Was Aimed at Saving Jews


Long-range Democratic presidential candidate and conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. disputed a report Saturday morning that quoted him as saying that Covid-19 is «targeted to attack both Caucasians and Blacks» and that Jews are the most immune.

In a report of the New York Post headlined «RFK Jr. Says COVID Was ‘Ethnic Targeted’ to Save Jews», The video appears to show Kennedy speaking at a dinner party in Manhattan.

In a discussion of biological weapons and «ethnically targeted microbes,» Kennedy claimed that «Covid-19 disproportionately strikes certain races.»

“Covid-19 is aimed at attacking Caucasians and Blacks. The most immune people are the Ashkenazi Jews and the Chinese,” he stated, according to the video published by the Post. «We don’t know if it was deliberately directed at that or not.» A large portion of American Jews are Ashkenazi Jews.

NBC News has not verified the video. In a statement posted to Twitter later that day, Kennedy defended his comments and said he was not being anti-Semitic.

“The @nypost story is wrong. I never, ever suggested that the COVID-19 virus was meant to save Jews,» Kennedy said. tweeted.

“I do not believe and have never implied that the ethnic effect was deliberately designed,” he continued.

Kennedy said that «during off-the-record conversation» he had asserted «that the United States and other governments are developing ethnically targeted biological weapons,» later mentioning «a 2021 study of the COVID-19 virus shows that COVID-19 appears to disproportionately affect certain races.» «.

In January 2022, Kennedy was convicted for suggesting that Anne Frank, the Jewish teenager who hid from the Nazis and eventually died in a concentration camp, had more freedom than people living under vaccination mandates.

Kennedy apologized and said he was «deeply sorry» for those comments.

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