‘The Sandman’ Season 2 Stops Filming Due To SAG-AFTRA Strike


Image: Netflix / Warner Bros. Television

SAG-AFTRA has voted to strike after its current contract period ended and negotiations for a future contract failed. One of the shows that has now immediately stopped production is season 2 of The Sandmanwhich only started with filming last month.

Since the end of June, production in The Sandman it has been seen taking place in numerous locations across the UK.

the cast was recently seen in a graveyard for scenes in season 2, confirming the second big casting announcement for the new season in the form of india moore.

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In recent weeks, we’ve also revealed that casting was underway for the Norse gods, including Thor, Odin, Loki, King Auberon, and Queen Titania.

As we first reported at the beginning of the year, The Sandman Season 2 (or new episodes, as Netflix officially calls the future of the show) would be filmed in two blocks. The first block would occur between June and October 2023, and then filming would return in January 2024 and would last until April.

When we posted about the start of production, we stated that the WGA strikes would have a backlash on production without the writers being able to be on site. With the SAG-AFTRA strike goes into effectthe show can no longer continue as the AMPTP Television Agreement cover the show.

publish in Blue sky (one of many new Twitter clones to appear in recent months and behind an invite-only wall), Niel Gaiman confirmed that production had ceased immediately.

Following the news of the strike taking effect at midnight on July 13, Gaiman posted:

“The SAG-AFTRA strike is underway. Sandman has stopped filming altogether, along with everything else that was running without writers. I hope that the AMPTP comes to its senses and returns to the table with the actors and the scriptwriters. I have no reason at this point to think they will come to their senses.»

The Sandman joins a list of dozens of shows and movies that are now unable to move forward in their various stages of production. High-profile titles currently in limbo include the likes of Strange things and Cobra Kai.

The closure will not include all shows that are filmed in the UK. reported variety that dragon house can continue due to local union rules.

For more information on what we know about The Sandman season 2, check out our guide and we’ll keep you posted when things get back on track.

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