Venezuela: house by prison for Commissioner Iván Simonovis, a prominent opposition symbol


image source, News 24


Simonovis is considered one of the most prominent «political prisoners» by the Venezuelan opposition.

Commissioner Iván Simonovis, one of the most prominent figures of the Venezuelan opposition in prison, was sent home to jail this Saturday due to his health condition.

Simonovis was security secretary of the Caracas mayor’s office (then in the hands of the opposition) in 2002, when a brief coup d’état removed President Hugo Chávez from power for a few hours.

In 2009, a court sentenced him and two other senior police officers -Henry Vivas and Lázaro Forero- to 30 years in prison for several of the 19 deaths that occurred on April 11 of that year.

The three are considered by the opposition as «political prisoners» of the government of Hugo Chávez -who died in 2013-, a description that official spokesmen reject.

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