Video captures the moment an Anchorage woman is kicked in the head by a moose while walking her dog


A woman in Anchorage, Alaska, is recovering from her injuries after she was kicked in the head by a moose while walking her dog last week, in a shocking moment captured on video.

Tracy Hansen and her dog, Gunner, were walking the usual route they take at least three times a day when she was suddenly knocked to the ground in the Feb. 16 incident, she told Anchorage-based NBC affiliate KTUU.

“I thought someone hadn’t been paying attention and hit me with a bike or something,” Hansen told KTUU. «I put my hands to my head and said, ‘I’m bleeding.'»

It was only when she looked up that she realized she had been kicked by a large moose and that she and her dog had passed before.

«Knowing that the moose had been somewhere behind me and now, here this moose is in front of me, and I think, was that the moose?» Hansen said.

It might have been hard to believe if another resident, Kate Timmons, hadn’t captured the moment on video.

An Anchorage woman is kicked in the head by a moose while walking her dog on February 16, 2023. Courtesy of Kate Timmons

Timmons was in a car with his family when the incident unfolded. In the video of him, the moose can be seen running down the sidewalk, appearing to pick up speed as he makes his way towards Hansen who is walking ahead.

«Careful, careful!» Timmons yells, as the moose runs towards Hansen, before bashing his head in with a hoof, knocking it to the ground. The moose then slows down and continues walking down the sidewalk.

“My husband was able to pull her over the snowbank, so we could get her in the truck with her dog and get her out of the way,” Timmons told KTUU. “It definitely seemed unprovoked from our point of view and it happened so quickly that it was like it was a matter of taking her out of the situation, getting her help, making sure, you know, my big thing was that she didn’t have a head injury. , that there was no bleeding or something.”

Hansen said their paths crossed at the right time.

“Kate and I discussed that the Lord put her in the right place at the right time to be able to help,” Hansen said.

Hansen is still recovering from his injuries. He said that he needed staples for his head injuries and that he still suffers from headaches and bruises.

Still, she said the incident hasn’t diverted her from her daily walking route with Gunner.

“We will go back to our normal walks,” he said. «The moose won’t stop that.»

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