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David Boyd escaped justice for more than three decades until, in April 2018, the authorities came to his doorstep to hold him accountable. As a suspect in the murder of 7-year-old Nikki Allan, he was brought into a room for questioning.

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More than five years after his arrest, the chilling images of the man, while being questioned by the British authorities, came to light. Although, at first glance, he appears calm and relaxed, there is a subtle movement that gives it away.

In the video, which was broadcast by the British newspaper ‘The Sun’, the suspect can be seen sitting in the interrogation room, along with his lawyer and the officers who take note of his statement. While her left hand is resting on her face, her legs do not stop moving restlessly. This, for experts, is a sign of anxiety.

“Boyd appears relaxed and calm, but on the inside we can be sure he is experiencing high levels of anxiety. It is his body language that gives him away, ”said Dr. Cliff Lansley, from the Academy of Emotional Intelligence, to the aforementioned medium.

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As the expert explains, muscle tension responds, in most cases, to situations linked to fear or anxiety. Given that he cannot run, since he is locked in a room, what Boyd does is free himself from emotions through constant movements in his legs.

«Tremors caused by anxiety are known as psychogenic tremors, usually four or five movements per second, and that’s exactly what we have with Boyd,» the specialist detailed.

While the suspect’s behavior is, at this point, obvious to experts like Lansley, it is possible that the officers found conducting the questioning may have missed it.

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The suspect was constantly moving his left leg.

«What we don’t know is if Boyd is anxious because he is involved in an interview with the police, if he is worried that he will not be believed or fears that he will be caught in a lie,» the doctor concluded in dialogue with ‘The Sun’.

Just a few days ago, Boyd was found guilty of the murder of Nikki Allan, who was beaten, stabbed, and dumped in October 1992. The man, currently 55 years old, remained a fugitive from justice for more than 30 years until he was captured in April 2018, thanks to DNA samples found on the victim’s clothing.

Boyd, who at the time of the crime was 25 years old, was the sentimental partner of Allan’s nanny, as well as a neighbor of the minor. The man was sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court after a three-week trial and will be sentenced on May 23.

Christopher Atkinson, head of the Complex Cases Unit of the Crown Prosecution Service North East, said about the case in dialogue with ‘BBC’: «Despite the unimaginable pain that Nikki’s family endured, Boyd continued to pretend that he was not involved in him during the murder 30 years.”

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