Woman fatally shot in apparent road rage incident in Texas


A woman was fatally shot in the head on a Fort Worth, Texas, area highway in a road rage incident reported this week, police said Tuesday.

Paola Núñez Linares, 37, and her husband were driving in Hurst, a city between Fort Worth and Dallas, just after 9 pm when she was shot, Hurst police said. said in a statement.

She received a blow to the head and paramedics rushed her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead, police said.

Paola Nunez Linares.NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

Zane Jones, her husband, told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth he was behind the wheel when he flipped a car he was driving aggressively. The gunman opened fire on the couple’s minivan and his wife was shot in the back of the head, Jones said.

“I need him caught, I need him prosecuted, I need him in jail. I need you to know that he didn’t just fire a gun at a car, ‘the end,’” Jones told the station. «He killed someone who is like no one else.»

Advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety, which is demanding stricter gun laws, said in may Road rage injuries and firearm deaths have increased every year since 2018.

Last year there were at least 141 road rage shooting deaths, he said, citing figures from the Gun Violence Archive Database.

In Louisville, Kentucky, a 6-year-old girl was shot in the back after an altercation on an interstate highway Monday night, police said.

The girl was in critical but stable condition Tuesday, Louisville police Lt. Steve Lacefield told reporters.

«We don’t yet know the impact this will have on the rest of his life,» he said.

At least 15 shots were fired and three weapons were recovered, Lacefield said.

Police have said investigators believe the incident started after an altercation between people in a car and three on motorcycles. Louisville’s NBC affiliate WAVE has reported.

Lacefield said police have identified everyone involved and «anticipate closing this case in the very near future.»

Investigators do not believe the people in the car or on the motorcycles knew each other.

«If you find yourself in an incident like this or any road rage incident, just break contact,» he said.

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