June 1, 2023
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virtual banking in colombia

The user also said that the transfers were made in a 45-minute window.

Through social networks, a woman reported that she was robbed through her bank’s application and they took out a loan in her name, in addition to making the transfers within a period of 45 minutes.

In her Twitter account, the social communicator and journalist Karol Valentina Chala, narrated that on December 28, her cell phone was stolen and They also requested a credit for the Davivienda application.

Having the resources, transfers were made to another account within 45 minutes of the night.

Chala also points out that the call centers did not answer any calls and could not block their products with the bank.

After what happened, it was added that the thieves changed the password of the mobile application and unlinked their email.

The journalist questioned how the bank had high and completely abnormal transactions at that time of night without any additional security filter.

He also questioned how he can enter the application if he does not have the password.

The user filed a complaint about the robbery and other complementary actions before the Prosecutor’s Office and for the moment Davivienda contacted the victim of the robbery.

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