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Canada, a North American country, for several decades stands out as one of the most attractive destinations for migrants from around the world.

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As reported by Bloomberg in the first days of 2023, the Canadian government has consistently followed its annual immigration targets in recent years. The latest plan provides for 465,000 new permanent residents this year and half a million in 2025.

By 2036, immigrants will make up nearly a third of Canada’s population, up from about 21% in 2011, Bloomberg says.

Because of Canada’s immigration programs, citizens of other countries can get good paying jobs and The Job Bank is a website operated by the Canadian Government that provides an online database of job listings.

There are jobs at local companies that have already obtained or applied for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (EIMT) and want to hire foreign workers on a temporary basis.

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«As a temporary foreign worker, you have the right to change employers during your stay in Canada and you can use The Job Bank to find a new job and relevant information for free,» the website explains.

It should be remembered that when traveling as a temporary foreign worker to Canada, you are granted a work permit for a specified period. And you may need to change your work permit before working for a new employee. It is illegal for your employer to punish or deport you if you choose to look for another job.

How to apply?

The first thing you should know is that The Job Bank is a free site authorized by the Government of Canada to look for work in that country. On that web page you can do the job search filtering by the type of applicant; once there choose the option of ‘international applicant‘.

Follow these steps:

1. On The Job Bank page ( you can see all the jobs of Canadian workers who want to hire temporary workers. The list is found here. Remember that, to apply, you must process your work permit.

2. If you find a job that interests you, simply click on the title of the position to see the complete details. You can also learn how to apply for the job. The authorities warn that employers should never ask the applicant for payment to hire him.

3. If you decide to apply for a job and contact the employer (you will find contact information on the page), they may ask your name, your current job, what city in Canada you are or will be in, your work experience, if you have a valid work permit, among other information.

4. If the employee wishes to hire you, you will receive a written job offer. I mean, it’s a document. Often, people have to apply for several jobs before being hired.

5. Job postings may also include the status of the worker’s application for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (EMIT). It may appear ‘in process’ if the employee has requested permission to hire a temporary foreign worker or ‘approved’ if she already has permission to hire. If the EIMT is already approved, you may be able to start working for your new worker right away.

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Please note that your employer is not allowed to charge you for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (EIMT). And that, if that is the case, you can invite him to an interview. Of course, The Job Bank clarifies that «it is not mandatory to provide information or respond to an employer in the event that you change your mind or feel uncomfortable.»

Another good option to find out about job offers is to consult, through the official government media, the different programs that it offers and renews periodically. They are usually divided according to the area of ​​the country.

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