YouTube star Grace Helbig shares breast cancer diagnosis


YouTube star Grace Helbig shared the news that she was diagnosed with breast cancer last month.

In an emotional eight-minute video uploaded to his YouTube and Instagram pages, Helbig called the news «shocking» and «surreal.»

«It doesn’t sound real, but it is real,» said Helbig, who rose to fame in the early days of YouTube for his wacky viral challenge videos and comedic «reaction» vlogs.

The creator, who has more than 2.6 million YouTube subscribers, said she was diagnosed with triple-positive breast tumors, meaning the tumors are HER2-positive, ER-positive, and PR-positive. according the American Cancer Society.

«Every doctor or medical professional or person who has any knowledge of cancer has said that it’s super treatable, highly beatable,» Helbig said. «We’re looking for a cure here, not a remission. Which is exciting, encouraging, helpful, good.»

Helbig said she learned of the diagnosis after noticing a lump in her left breast, which she reluctantly told her gynecologist about during her annual exam.

«I had noticed a strange lump on my left breast, but I really had to talk myself into bringing it up on the date because I thought I was just a stupid girl who didn’t know how girls’ bodies worked.» ,» she said. «Thank God I listened to that little voice inside me that finally had the courage to bring it up to her because she thought it was abnormal too.»

He encouraged others to get «bumps checked.»

Following the video announcement, Helbig’s fans and friends shared an outpouring of love for her.

«You got it my love! Sending ALL the positive energy your way!» wrote former NSYNC member Lance Bass in a comment on the Instagram post.

«You are bigger, brighter and stronger than this cancer. I am sending you so much living energy as you heal,» former Buzzfeed senior producer Devin Lytle commented.

YouTuber Hank Green, who also recently announced his cancer diagnosis, publicly shared his support for Helbig, tweeting three heart emojis towards her. Helbig said that she and Green have been in contact.

“I’ve been texting with him and his videos have been incredibly helpful,” she said. comedy through this process».

Helbig said he will undergo six rounds of chemotherapy, followed by surgery and then hormone therapy, all of which he described as a «very clear treatment plan.»

The news came just as Helbig said she was «excited to start creating content again from this healthier, more grounded place.» In recent years, she had walked away from content creation after feeling burned out, and she took the time to get a graduate degree and get married before returning to making videos.

She said that she will continue to do episodes of her podcast, «This Might Get Weird,» for as long as she can. But she is prioritizing her health.

While the weeks following her diagnosis were difficult, Helbig said that with the support of her husband, family and friends, she is «ready to take this on.»

«What’s next?» she said. “Well, this is my job now. I’m going to fight this.»

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